If you are interested in reviewing manuscripts for Journal of Islamic Sciences, the Editor-in Chief  and Editors would like to invite your participation.

Manuscript reviewers are vital to the publication process. As a reviewer, you would gain valuable experience in publishing.

Individuals with expertise in Islamic studies and Sciences are encouraged to become reviewers for this online journal.

If you are interested in reviewing manuscripts, please email submissions.jis@iou.edu.gm

Please note the following important points:

  • To be selected as a reviewer, you must have published articles in peer-reviewed journals. The experience of publishing provides a reviewer with the basis for preparing a thorough, objective review.
  • To be selected, it is critical to have current knowledge of recently published research to evaluate a new submission within the context of existing research or literature review.
  • Reviewing a manuscript takes time (1–4 hours per manuscript reviewed). If you are selected to review a manuscript, be prepared to invest the necessary time to evaluate the manuscript thoroughly.
  • To select the appropriate reviewers for each manuscript, the editor-in-chief needs detailed information.
  • Please complete the application form.
  • You name will appear as a reviewer on an annual basis.


Reviewers for Journal of Islamic Sciences

Please email submissions.jis@iou.edu.gm with the details below 


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