Hidden Defects in Hadith (Ilal Al Hadith) As a Branch of Hadith Sciences.

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Rafia Farooq


The religion of Islam is derived from two divine sources; Qur??n and ?ad?th of the Prophet ?. The second source, ?ad?th has been meticulously preserved by the scholars through various means. These methods have been codified and organised. Now, they are well-known as ?ad?th sciences. This is an extensive field which requires one to have an abundance of knowledge in order to master it. One of the highest and most complicated of its branches is the knowledge of hidden defects, termed as ?ilal al ?ad?th. In this paper, the term ?ilal al ?ad?th is explained and its significance is brought to light. There have been a handful of classical scholars who mastered this art and have made an impact on this science. They will be mentioned with their accomplishments. The hidden defect can occur either in the matan (text) of the ?ad?th or its sanad (chain). This aspect is discussed in detail and examples of ?ilal (causes) are explored in this paper.

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